Gilbert Maximillian Townshend

(b. 1988, London, UK)


I’m dormant on a few other platforms like Tumblr and Instagram but if you want to reach me the best way is via email.


Degree in Graphic Design from Camberwell College of Art (UAL) - 2011

Foundation in Graphic Design from London College of Communication - 2007

Foundation Fine Art from City Lit - 2016


My personal work is mostly photographic, though I do also occasionally branch out into origami and a few other creative things. I enjoy working with obsolete or eccentric technology and currently have a plan to repurpos old film equipment to be used in new ways, including modifying medium format cameras to shoot instant film.

Currently looking for jobs involving photography / video. I have usually been on sets helping out but I also know a fair amount about retouching and editing.

I studied graphic design, did some web development after graduating, worked helping to do restoration of art on paper and very occasionally on TV sets as camera assistant.

Ended up with a rather eclectic array of skills, I can cut mounts, know probably too much about old camera equipment and sometimes do some programming. Like this website for example.


With a few exceptions all work is shot on film and developed by me (yes, even the C41 & E6 stuff). I’ve shot sub-miniature to large format and everything in-between. I have ruined a lot of things by trying to use expired film / development chemicals, don’t do the same.

I’m not against digital, I just learnt to use film when I was small and inherited quite a lot of film cameras. It seems like a shame to never have them be used again.