Gilbert Maximillian Townshend

(b. 1988, London, UK)


I’m dormant on a few other platforms like Tumblr and Instagram but if you want to reach me the best way is via email.


Degree in Graphic Design from Camberwell College of Art (UAL) - 2011

Foundation in Graphic Design from London College of Communication - 2007

Foundation Fine Art from City Lit - 2016


With a few exceptions all work is shot on film and developed by me (yes, even the C41 & E6 stuff). I’ve shot sub-miniature to large format and everything in-between.

My personal work is mostly photographic image based though I do also occasionally branch out into origami and a few other creative things. I enjoy working with obsolete or eccentric technology and am currently repurposing old film equipment to be used in new ways, including modifying medium format cameras to shoot instant film.

Currently hoping to get on an MA programme in Autumn of 2019 further develop my practice.

I studied graphic design, did some web development for a bit, worked doing restoration of artworks and still sell things at a farmers market at the weekends.


Up-coming project for my new-to-me large format camera, documenting the empty ‘luxury’ tower blocks in London. Current projects include documenting the remains of things left on the British coast line and a series of portraits.

Completely unrelated to photography I’m also attempting to learn how to weld.